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Welcome to the MIMIT Innovation Pipeline: addressing unmet healthcare needs through innovation. 

The MIMIT Innovation Pipeline is a facility for registering unmet healthcare needs and solutions. Once needs are submitted to us, our panel of expert MIMIT Ambassadors, assess and validate needs to take forward to the MIMIT forum. The forum is an opportunity for the unmet healthcare needs discloser to present their problem to an audience of experts who can then submit solutions via our confidential online application form. MIMIT facilitates relationships between clinicians, leading academics and researchers as well as industry, to drive innovation on the basis of unmet healthcare need and find investable solutions.

If you would like to register an unmet healthcare need or solution with MIMIT, please sign in and follow the instructions, selecting 'Unmet Need Applicant' or 'Solution Applicant' to create your application. If you have not previously registered, please create an account using the sign up button on the right.

For more information about MIMIT please visit our homepage: